Our Tours

Mony Hong is expert in organizing exciting and adventurous private or group excursions. If you chose to travel with him, you will have an unforgettable experience and discover the most fascinating and remote places in the Mondulkiri region.

Based on Mony’s experience and knowledge of the beautiful rainforest he can organise the tour which best suits your needs – a day’s sightseeing, or trek into heart of the rainforest, camping overnight discovering the numerous waterfalls which shape the mountainous landscape, and its abundant wildlife.

He can take you to visit the Punong communities, a minority ethnic group living in the Mondulkiri mountain area. With Mony, you will discover how the Punong communities, live in and love the rainforest.  The Punong people are known worldwide for their bond with elephants (have a look to the Canadian movie “Last of the elephant men“), animal under threat in the region due to loss of habitat through illegal logging causing rapid deforestation.

Being hosted by the Punong communities will guarantee them an income which will enable them to remain living and caring for the rainforest, the elephants and other endangered species, giving them an option to being forced to move to cities to find work. (have a look to our OTAINGLAING PROJECT)

Cambodia is situated in the tropical zone. Its climate is dominated by the annual monsoon cycle with its alternating dry (December to June) and wet (July to November) seasons. The majority of the proposed tours are available annually, some are available all season.

Do not wait, book the tour that best suits you with Mony!

make your own choice community home stay or sleep in the hammock or camping in the community jungle