Mony Hong

Experienced guide since 2002

Mony Hong has been certified as a tour guide in Cambodia since 2002. He specialises in rainforest tours in the Mondulkiri Province. He tailors his tours to meet your individual needs. Or allow him to suggest his favourite tours and let his experience of the rainforest take you on an enchanting and informative journey. He can take you to easily reachable places, or trek into more remote places, overnight, to explore its hidden landscapes, where he will share his knowledge of its flora and fauna. It is also possible to visit the Puke villages and meet the Punong rainforest people and the elephants living with them in the nearby forest.

Mony also organises tours of Northern Cambodia to remote and hidden ancient ruins, off the tourist circuit; villages on the Mekong River; canoeing to see the Irrawady dolphins; homestays; French provincial towns and gold mines just to name a few of his exciting tours.

When he is not in the forest, you can find Mony in Sen Monorom at Monorom Pizza, the restaurant run by his wife Saron.

Or contact him via email or telephone.

Mobile: +855 88 59 35 588 (WhatsApp)
Email: monyjungle [@]
Visit me at Monorom Pizza, Krong Street, Sen Monorom, Cambodia
GPS: 12°27′26.74″N; 107°11′16.69″E

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