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the best Elephant sanctuary Mondulkiri, Cambodia Protected area


Visit the Otainglaing Wild life Rescue Project

1 day visit project: at 8:00am we travel to Sre Ye village

 it take about 25 minutes visit through

 the Poutrum village, Pum Tmei village,

Pouramit village and beautiful landscape

 along the way to SreYe village we will have

 a stop tovisit the beautiful rice field at

 sre Ye village   

visit the local the people and observe

the local environment in 15 minutes

and learn about the area and it people

and we continue to the trekking point

it take about 25 minutes in to the rain forest

of Otainglaing project stop and walking

15 minutes you will see the Elephants

You can feed the with your hand with

Banana, sugar can for extra food for them

Then continue walking with them through

The beautiful rain forest leading you to the

OtaingLaing waterfall the Amazing fall in the

Deep jungle within our community remote

Protected Area, then we will have a good swimming